Parents Started It All


As the child of two music-loving parents and the brother to seven siblings, Stefan Youngblood has always had a passion for two things: people and music. Over the last 30 years serving as a musician/teacher, missionary, and worship leader, Stefan witnessed how his passions influenced and connected people from around the world. From Burma, to Nepal, to India, to China, to the churches, prisons, schools and homeless shelters throughout the US, he uses the power of music to do what words alone never could— remind people that they are worthy, loved, and valued.


What started as a fun, groovy, personalized birthday song for his family and friends in the early 1980’s has now evolved into a birthday song revolution that aims to make sure everyone, from all walks and stages in life, is celebrated on their special day. Celebrate You is built on the powerful idea that everyone matters. From service men, to the homeless, to those in nursing homes and families of individuals incarcerated, Celebrate You aims to touch the lives of those that need help remembering how special they are.

Celebrate You is also honored to be in partnership with Together We Can, a non profit committed to empowering others and transforming lives. Please consider a one time or monthly donation . All donations are 100% tax deductible and go towards helping to transform the lives of the homeless and needy in Raleigh and beyond.